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Pleasant Point

Posted in New Zealand by folkestonejack on January 3, 2016

The midway point on our drive from Tekapo to Oamaru saw us stop at the small country town of Pleasant Point and this turned out to be entirely appropriate – we were utterly charmed by the beautifully maintained historic buildings and the preserved railway that sits at the centre of town.

Legends Cafe

Legends Cafe

Our attention was drawn to the striking Legends Cafe and wandered inside. The building was originally the Post Office, opening its doors in 1912, but has been a cafe for many years and was to become the birthplace of the Denheath custard square. It was a good move to pop inside as we were soon served up with some of the most delicious treats that I have sampled on this trip to NZ.

As luck would have it, the day we drove through happened to be a steaming day at the Pleasant Point Railway which sits in the centre of town. We didn’t have time to stop, but it was great to see the first train of the day arriving (with a little 2-4-0 engine, D16, built in 1878, at the head).

Pleasant Point Railway operates on a one and a half mile line laid on the trackbed of the former Fairlie branch line. The branch line was officially closed on 2nd March 1968 and the original plan was to create a static memorial to the railway in the centre of the town, but over the years this has evolved into a rather marvellous operational line. Well worth a look if you are headed this way.

All in all, for an unplanned stop, Pleasant Point was pretty amazing!


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