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Night at the Muzeum

Posted in Poland, Wenecja by folkestonejack on April 23, 2016

The reason for my visit to Poland is a two day FarRail photo charter on the 600mm narrow gauge line in Żnin, a 12km remnant of the once extensive 76km network. I was in good company with many familiar faces gathered at the railway station ready for the bus ride from Gniezno to our accommodation in Wenecja.

A destination board from the line at its fullest extent

A destination board from the days when the railway had reached its fullest extent

The conditions outside were fairly miserable so it was a good day for travelling rather than standing around in fields armed with a camera!

Along the way we got a good view of the unbroken plain that makes up most of the country, lots of flat green fields far into the distance interrupted only by the occasional forest and the inevitable sight of new motorways under construction (in this case the S5 from Gniezno to Żnin, a part of the unfinished express road between Olsztyn and Wrocław, which is due for completion in July 2017).

Our accommodation for the next three nights would be the Hostel Wenecja, which is actually located in the administration block of the open air narrow gauge museum at Wenecja. It clearly spends most of its life filled with school children and it’s geared up for large numbers – every room had more beds than we needed. Our tour leader, Bernd, directed us to ‘Take a room, any room, no matter how many beds it has in it!’ and I soon found myself in a room with 4 bunk beds. Room enough to swing multiple cats!

The plan had been to attempt some night shots on the turntable in front of the roundhouse in Żnin but this unravelled fairly quickly. On our arrival we discovered that the locomotive was still in the depot and quite definetly cold, so we’ll try again another night. Instead, our driver knew of a marvellous place that we could buy some beer despite the late hour, which turned out to be Tesco Żnin!

Once our supplies had been replenished it was time to head back and grab what sleep we could, ready for a 4am start in the morning.

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