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Locoless in Żnin

Posted in Poland, Żnin by folkestonejack on April 24, 2016

After our unexpected trip around the curve we returned to the depot at Żnin, picked up the rest of our consist and headed back down the line towards Wenecja for the final three hours of daylight.

The stunning light of afternoon

The stunning light of afternoon

As the end of the day drew closer the crew told us that they were short of water and this threatened to scupper our chances of a sunset shot. The only hope was for the loco to drop the wagons and run light to Wenecja, fill up with water and come back to us. Arghh….

We remained in the fields, watching the light fade. It was a tight one, but Px38 805 did indeed make it back in time for the last moments of sunset. I was relieved that my glint shots of the loco-less wagons were not all there was to show for the wait.

Locoless in Żnin

Locoless in Żnin

Our last shots were taken at 8pm. We gathered up our photographic kit and headed over to the nearby level crossing for a bus back to the hostel. A warming meal of Polish style pizza (of an unfathomable but tasty flavour) and tea was the perfect antidote to a long day in the cold. No-one could have any complaints about the day with such an array of photographic opportunities, but whether we all made the most of them is another matter!



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