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Posted in Poland, Poznań by folkestonejack on April 26, 2016

After two very early starts it was a pleasure to rise at a more respectable hour. A beautiful sunrise had given way to wonderfully clear blue skies and I took the opportunity for a wander around the museum grounds without any other visitors around, before boarding our bus to Gniezno at 9am to begin the journey home.

The bus took the best part of an hour to get us back to the city, leaving us with just six minutes to clamber out and make our way to the platform for the 10am intercity service. Most of the group were taking the train to its final destination, Berlin, but a few of us got off at the first stop, Poznań.

One of the newer additions to Poznań

One of the newer additions to Poznań

I was pleased to have an opportunity to spend a little time in Poznań, one of my favourite places in Europe. I was surprised by just how well I remembered my way around the city, even if this was an acute awareness of how much has changed after ten years away. Although there was plenty of change around the city there were still sights that were reassuringly familiar, even on the fringes of the centre where the degree of change is much higher, such as the trade fair buildings.

The Imperial Castle looked much smarter than the last time I had seen it and I ducked inside the modern wing to see just how far it had been transformed (sadly I didn’t have time to visit the re-opened historic wing). A greater surprise was the sight of the Royal Castle, which had been largely destroyed during the battle for Poznań Citadel in 1945. In 2010 work to reconstruct the entire castle began and the exterior is now complete. It makes a striking addition to the city. The tower and terraces are due to open to the public in June 2016 so that is something else that I will have to visit on a future trip!

I still have very fond memories of my time in Poznań and nights spent till the early hours in my favourite backstreet pub/club. I didn’t dare take a peek down the alley off Święty Marcin to see if it was still there – it would have been heartbreaking to see it gone. Better to keep the happy memories of nights chatting, dancing and drinking as they are!

After a couple of hours wandering around and sampling some of the finest Polish baked goods I took the short twenty minute journey from the city to the airport, allowing plenty of time to relax before my return flight to London. Overall, it has been a great trip and my day in Poznań offered up a handy reminder of the reasons to come back some day soon.


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