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Posted in Bulgaria, Sofia by folkestonejack on May 13, 2016

Arrived in Sofia this afternoon, ready to join up with a steam photo charter tour in southern Bulgaria organized by Dietmar Kramer with Ulpia Tours. The charter will utilise five operational steam locomotives and probably give us sight of many more lurking in the weeds, in the works or on plinths (the first example being 47.05 on display at Sofia Central Railway Station).

Sofia Central Railway Station

Sofia Central Railway Station

Our photographic adventures begin tomorrow with a visit to Sofia shed before we move on to the stretch of line between Haskovo and Podkova in the Eastern Rhodopes. Our final day will take us part way down the scenic narrow gauge line in the Western Rhodopes from Septemvri to Velingrad.

The principal attraction for the tour is the remarkable 46.03, one of the largest tank engines ever to be constructed in Europe (built by H. Cegielski of Poznań in 1931) which joined the BDŽ fleet of operational steam locomotives in May 2015. The class 46 2-12-4 tank locomotives were originally intended to haul heavy coal trains through the mountains, so our three carriage train ought to be a relatively easy challenge!


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