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The tortoise and his new friends

Posted in Bulgaria, Perperek by folkestonejack on May 16, 2016

After a morning playing with express trains it was time for 46.03 to make a re-appearance, but rather than hanging around for over an hour at Most we headed on to the village of Perperek. A short distance beyond the station a relatively tight shot was possible from both sides of the line with a mosque in the background.

46.03 in the midday sun at Most

46.03 in the midday sun at Most

It was under these circumstances that I found myself perched on a ridge 300m down the line with a tortoise (probably Testudo hermanni) and a few friends for company. The tortoise was less than thrilled with his new found companions, despite my efforts in the newly established role of protector of the tortoise. The tortoise decided his strategy of retreating into his shell was not working and eventually opted to swap his quiet sunbathing spot for a marginally less precarious hideaway at the feet of a British gricer.

The tortoise was probably as relieved as we were when 46.03 appeared at 1.45pm, over an hour since we left Most by bus. We were lucky enough to get the shot in sun too, though it was a close run thing. The clouds were certainly beginning to roll in, steadily filling the clear blue skies of the morning.

46.03 passes through Perperek

46.03 passes through Perperek

And so the tortoise survived to live happily ever after – at least until the next tour group strolls up to Perperek!

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