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Socialist Sofia: Lenin’s last stand

Posted in Bulgaria, Sofia by folkestonejack on May 21, 2016

The big monuments and buildings from the communist era may still remain for now, but traces of this are much less evident away from the centre. One survivor is a piece of wall art on the Russian Lyceum in boulevard Sveti Naum which includes images of Lenin and a Russian cosmonaut.

Practical information. The lyceum is located at 36 Sveti Naum, a short walk from European Union Metro Station. The school building is on the right hand side of the street with the wall art located at the end of the building furthest away from the metro station. The wall art is pretty well screened by trees so you may find it easier to view from the opposite side of the road. I didn’t spot the images immediately, but the date ‘1917’ told me I was looking at the right spot.

It is worth being a little cautious as you navigate Sveti Naum as the pavement is in particularly poor condition in places with dodgy manhole covers, broken and uneven paving slabs. It is also a fast and busy road so a degree of care is required when crossing the street (signage offers a reminder that there are crossings here, but drivers seem more than a little surprised by anyone daring to use them!).

Credit must go to Sofia: in your pocket for pointing me towards this sight, which I hadn’t seen mentioned anywhere else. I’ve been using the in your pocket series of guides for 12 years now and they are unrivalled in the Eastern bloc.

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