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Posted in England by folkestonejack on June 25, 2016

I stayed up to 3am watching the results come in on Friday but it was clear from fairly early on that the outcome was going to be Brexit. Having voted to remain, I was more than a little deflated.

The decision to leave the European Union seems to have exposed more faultlines in British Society than I could ever have imagined – age, class, education, location and religion. It has been so startling that I wonder whether this country was ever as unified as I had imagined.

The day that followed turned into one long therapy session with conversations in the office manifesting the same combination of bewilderment, dismay and lingering shock that I was experiencing. There was no escaping it – when I wandered out at lunchtime everyone I passed was talking about the same subject.

I think we will still be digesting the after-effects of this decision for many years to come. I’m not sure how you unify a country that now seems more divided than ever before but it is quite apparent that the consequences of not addressing the issues that have brought us to this point will only lead us down a much darker path. Now, somehow, we have to forge a way forward.

By a strange quirk of timing we are on our way into Europe just 24 hours after the announcement of the results, heading for a week long summer holiday in Austria. It will be interesting to see what ripples from the referendum reach us there.

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