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Dublin days

Posted in Dublin, Ireland by folkestonejack on August 26, 2016

It has been some eight years since I last visited Dublin, so I thought it was about time that I made a return. Since the last time I visited I have been more than a little surprised to discover that there was a family link to the events of Easter Week, April 1916, through my mother’s side.

My plan is to catch some of the exhibitions and installations commemorating the centenary of the Easter Rising before they close. I suspect we will know the history of the rising rather too well by the end of the trip!

Irish connections

In the 1890s three members of my family moved from London to Dublin – Mary Oakley (née Carpenter), Robert Octavius Carpenter and Walter Carpenter. The impetus for the move is not documented in official records, nor do we know if they lived together in their first days in the city. However, we know that they remained close as the twentieth century opened.

Walter Carpenter would go on to make his mark on his new city, swapping his old life as a sweep for the role of trade unionist and revolutionary. Walters’s two eldest sons, Walter Patrick Carpenter and Peter Carpenter, followed in their father’s revolutionary footprints by joining the Irish Citizen Army. Both sons took part in the Easter rising of 1916, serving in the GPO garrison.

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