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Flight to Plovdiv

Posted in Bulgaria, Plovdiv by folkestonejack on September 22, 2017

A long weekend in Plovdiv sounded like a lovely idea many months back but for the discovery that there is only one flight in and out, three days a week. Added to this, these flights are operated by Ryanair, an airline I generally avoid unless it is the only option. On this occasion I caved in and booked a (not at all cheap) ticket and began to plot a lovely break…

Plovdiv Together: European Capital of Culture 2019

The announcement that Ryanair was to cancel 40-50 flights per day for six weeks just a week before our trip came as a nasty surprise, particularly listening to reports of the short notice that many passengers were given. Thankfully, the airline eventually published lists of all the flights they intended to cancel but for a while my stress levels really ratcheted up.

Whilst I applaud the way that Ryanair has opened up new tourist markets and connected cities that would have been a pain to reach by other this experience has been a startling reminder of the uncertainty of booking with budget airlines. I like my holidays to be an antidote to stress, not increase it!

Our near-full flight was around half an hour late out of Stansted but everything worked out pretty smoothly once we reached Plovdiv. The airport is relatively compact with just three gates but had more services than we expected given the infrequency of flights (if anyone is wondering there are cafe counters landside and airside, plus a small duty free store in airside departures).

The pick-up we arranged was waiting for us as soon as we stepped landside and delivered us to a friendly welcome at the delightful Expo Hotel. A good night’s sleep in our rather splendid room was much needed to prepare us for the full day of sightseeing that lay ahead.

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