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Trier and beyond

Posted in Germany, Trier by folkestonejack on May 2, 2018

Our base for the Dampfspektakel in Trier gave us plenty of opportunity to take a look around the sights of the city, as well as some of the other sights easily reached by rail.

The Porta Nigra

Over the course of our few days in Trier we came to understand just how important Trier (or Augusta Treverorum to give it the correct Roman name) was in its day, enough that it was at one time referred to as the ‘Rome of the North’ with a population of 80,000 making it the largest city north of the Alps. The sights we visited included:

Our forays beyond Trier took us south to Saarburg, a fascinating town with an incredible waterfall at its centre, and east to Schloss Stolzenfels, near Koblenz. One of the most wonderful, but utterly random, finds was a mosaic standing in situ at a factory that was being demolished next to the station at Mettlach.

Mosaic at Mettlach

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Trier. I have to admit that I knew absolutely nothing about the city before my visit and probably would never have made a visit were it not for the Dampfspektakel bringing me to this part of Germany. I would never have known how much I was missing.


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