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Farewell to Jersey

Posted in Jersey by folkestonejack on September 16, 2018

Our long weekend in Jersey is almost at an end. It has been a great trip and while I have seen plenty that has prompted nostalgia (especially visits to El Tico, Elizabeth Castle, Portelet and Corbiere Lighthouse) there has also been plenty that has been new to me. It’s the first time I have stayed outside St Helier and I loved every minute of our time in St Aubin, especially with so many great restaurants on our doorstep.

The view from the Somerville Hotel

Throughout my trip I have been surprised by changes good and bad. One of the nicer surprises was the modern art on display at Mont Orgueil in place of the stuffy waxwork diorama that I remember from my childhood. These new artistic sights include a stunning steel sculpture showing the tree of succession for medieval monarchs (the interlinked French and English crowns from 1154 to 1485), some three dimensional portraits of the Queen and the rather creepy shadows created by a rotating dance of death sculpture in the Bell Tower.

Another unexpected highlight was the exhibition at La Hougie Bie about the Jersey Hoard, showing some of the star finds from the astonishing discovery in 2012 of 70,000 coins stuck together in a great mass with gold torques and silver jewellery. The story of the painstaking work to unpick this was fascinating as the display of the rare coins revealed.

I would also highly recommend a viewing of the Story of Jersey’ film at the Jersey Museum and the delightful presentation of the linked Merchant’s House which presents the house on the evening that the family decided to do a midnight flit to escape their debts and start a new life in France. The exhibition about Jersey in the 1980s was also good fun too, plenty of notalgia as well as a degree of astonishment at how dark a picture was being painted of the island at that time! I was clearly quite oblivious as a child…

An aerial shot of Jersey from our flight home

It has been a great trip and I doubt it is the last time. I have lost count of the number of time I have been to Jersey, but it must easily be into double figures by now. It is all the more surprising then that I have never been to Guernsey, unless you count the brief stop that the ferries used to make in St Peter Port on their way to and from Jersey! Nor have I been to the other Channel Islands. It’s probably about time to put that right… maybe next year, or the year after!?


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