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Posted in China, Meijiaping by folkestonejack on February 27, 2009

A long drive (about two and a half hours) brought us to the cement works at Meijiaping where we would find our second QJ. QJ 2698 is relatively unusual in not having deflectors. It was last overhauled in November 2007 and, as things stand, will not be replaced by a diesel before 2012. It may even end up as one of the last survivors…

Although we didn’t get to see much in the way of movement we did get to witness QJ 2698 run light engine to the station and then return with some wagons/tanks. It felt good to see a QJ working a real movement and not just a charter arranged for our benefit.

QJ 2698 at Meijiaping [1]

QJ 2698 at Meijiaping [2]

The nearby coke works also has JS and SY class locomotives but we didn’t get to see these (though the JS could certainly be heard shunting). It was understood that these would be replaced by diesels this year.

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