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Posted in China, Pucheng by folkestonejack on February 26, 2009

After our day in Chenghe we drove on to Pucheng where we checked in to the King Long Hot Spring Hotel. It was only a one star hotel but the rooms were surprisingly ok (if you ignored the smell of smoke, bloodstains on the sheets and the rather grubby looking thin grey towels*). The hot spring must also have been absent during our visit as I could manage to get the merest trickle of hot water. Actually, I really didn’t mind – at the end of a long day all I really wanted was somewhere I could get a good night’s sleep – and in spite of what I have said, it was better than I had imagined!

*It has to be added that on checking out a day later the hotel queried a missing towel. I have to say that all the hotels I’ve ever stayed in, this would not be the place I would be looking for a souvenir!

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