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Posted in China, Yamansu by folkestonejack on December 8, 2009

A three hour drive through the desert  from Hami took us to Yamansu today, a curious place which feels like a step back in time. The name itself means bitter water and it’s not hard to understand why – there is no piped water supply to Yamansu and water costs ten times the price that it does elsewhere.

The town is dominated by a monument left over from the cultural revolution but the real heart of Yamansu is the iron ore mine that the place serves. It was a strange day overall, mostly spent photographing a single locomotive shunting in the yard, but interesting nevertheless.

On most days our guide has selected dishes from restaurant menus that would appeal to a Western palate but here we were taken by surprise by the generosity of our hosts. A special lunch had been laid on with various delicacies (tripe, claws, prawns) that we could hardly do justice to. Rarely have I felt quite so guilty about not feasting on such a spread!

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