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Railway remnants

Posted in Malta, Valletta by folkestonejack on March 22, 2014

A short morning walk gave me the opportunity to see two of the remaining remnants of the Malta Railway, a single track line between Valletta and Mdina which operated between 1883 and 1931.

The tunnel mouth of Valletta Station

The tunnel mouth of Valletta Station

The first stop, at the city gate, provided a view down to Valletta Station bridge and tunnel – a site currently undergoing much change with the restoration/development work taking place on the fortifications and the great ditch. The station saw use as an air raid shelter during the second World War.

A fifteen minute walk from the city gates to the Port des Bombes brought me to the second remnant – the viaduct constructed to take the railway out of the Fausse Bray (Valletta’s outer defences). It was fascinating to see both sights though I found it quite hard to imagine steam locomotives threading their way between Valletta’s fortifications – what a splendid sight and tourist draw it would have been if it had survived!

You can find out more about the remaining remnants and walks to take in the line at Walking the Old Malta Railway and Malta Railway 1883 -1931.


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