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A military veteran at Salzburg Airport

Posted in Austria, Salzburg by folkestonejack on July 4, 2016

Our week long trip to Austria finished with a little bonus at the airport. I had wandered up to the observation deck in hope rather than expectation as the schedules had suggested we would see nothing land or take off before our flight boarded. It was something of a surprise then to see a Transall C-160D military transport from the German Luftwaffe land and then take off after a very short stay.

Luftwaffe Transall C160D 50+48 at Salzburg Airport

Luftwaffe Transall C160D 50+48 at Salzburg Airport

The Transall C-160D is a veteran of the skies in Europe, having first entered in service since 1963. The aircraft itself was produced by a Franco-German consortium Transporter Allianz. A total of 110 aircraft were produced for the Luftwaffe, though only 56 were in service by August 2014. The example in front of us, 50+48, belongs to the Air Transport Wing 61.

The Transall C-160D is steadily being phased out in favour of the Airbus A400M Atlas, but reports suggest that it is likely that some C160Ds will remain in operation with the Luftwaffe for another three to five years.