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About Folkestone Jack

It’s probably not hard to deduce that I am something of a rail geek, combined with a passion for travel and photography. This blog is a place for my random observations as I stumble through life, illustrated with the occasional photograph and reports of my adventures.

Some background…

I first encountered the internet as a student at University College London in 1995 and quickly bought into the community spirit it fostered. I really believed in the idea that everyone could contribute something for the collective good and really appreciated the online resources developed and freely shared. In turn, I created and worked on a 10 year plus indexing project that I hope has been of help to researchers.

A career in the online world means keeping up with the latest innovations and seeing what works for your organisation. I soon discovered that courses and seminars about new technologies were no match for trying things for yourself. I started this blog as a way of seeing what this blogging lark was about and have been a little surprised at how long I’ve kept it going.

Blogging now seems rather old school but I still enjoy the opportunity to document my travels and share the information I have gleaned in the hope that it will help someone else (just as I find the reports from other travel bloggers invaluable in planning my trips). At the end of the day though, if all it achieves is to keep my friends and family up to date with my adventures then that is good enough for me!

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