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NVBS 1254

Posted in Amsterdam, Netherlands by folkestonejack on March 23, 2011

My evening stroll tonight took me through Amsterdam Centraal around sunset, with the thought that there might be a sunset shot worth taking. Instead of this, my eye was drawn to an unusual looking locomotive that didn’t fit the usual mix of NS units or electric locomotives. On closer inspection this turned out to be a vintage 1950s electric locomotive – NVBS 1254 – though I hasten to add that I only understood what I was seeing with the assistance of wikipedia’s helpful entry on NS class 1200!

NVBS 1254 had clearly dragged the stock for the 19:01 Amsterdam-Moscow night sleeper into Amsterdam Centraal and then been uncoupled.

NVBS 1254 (ir. J.HOEKWATER) at Amsterdam Centraal

NVBS 1254 (ir. J.HOEKWATER) at Amsterdam Centraal on the night of 23rd March 2011 with the stock for the Amsterdam-Moscow night sleeper

Once the night sleeper was safely on its way NVBS 1254 duly departed light engine in the same direction. It was worth seeing, even though – for once – it really was coincidence that I was in the right place at the right time!

NVBS 1254 departs Amsterdam Centraal light engine

NVBS 1254 departs Amsterdam Centraal light engine on 23rd March 2011

Aside from this spectacle, I have enjoyed the variety of locomotives and units on Dutch railways although I guess as a tourist I’m bound to find the ordinary exotic! If I had to pick a favourite, I think the dramatic styling of the koploper units would win me over every time.