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Posted in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France by folkestonejack on August 31, 2011

After arriving in Boulogne-sur-Mer last night we took ourselves out for a walk through the old town to find a restaurant, but were somewhat surprised to find most places closed up. In many respects that was fortuitous, as it made us walk a bit further and delivered us to the doorstep of the Brasserie de la Mer Aux Pêcheurs d’Etaples, the restaurant of a fishing co-operative, which unexpectedly served up one of the most enjoyable meals that I have eaten in many years.

Today, we followed that up with a lengthier wander around the ramparts and into the Basilica of Notre Dame de Boulogne, a beautiful building but certainly suffering in places. In the small square outside the Mairie there was a garden display which seemed to be celebrating regional specialities with amusing displays of giant sweets and tins of herrings apparently growing in a small field!

After grabbing some delicious pastries from the nearby boulangerie we drove out of Boulogne to the Colonne de la Grande Armée à Wimille, a column built in honour of Napoleon I and in commemoration of the issue of the first Légion d’honneur at the camp de Boulogne. The museum was unexpectedly closed but we still enjoyed a wander around the outside of the statue and could just about make out a distant view of Folkestone.

After leaving Wimille behind we took a steady drive through Wimereux and back onto the motorway, making sufficiently good time to take an early Eurotunnel crossing. Although we might only have been gone a few days we seemed to have seen an awful lot in that time so a quiet afternoon back in London was much appreciated!