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Through the mists of time…

Posted in Bosnia, Kakanj by folkestonejack on April 3, 2010

A misty start to the day in Kakanj, brightening up as the day progressed.

The crew had only a little scheduled work when we arrived so three runpasts over the bridge were arranged for our benefit and were topped by later real movements. This gave plenty of opportunities to photograph the bridge from every conceivable angle from the fringes of a football match at the riverside stadium to the lapping waters of the Bosna. The day rounded off with the rather incredible sight of a herd of sheep being herded across the railway bridge after the train had passed… a real touch of local colour.

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Posted in Bosnia, Kakanj by folkestonejack on April 2, 2010

A desperately slow crawl out of Sarajevo followed by the freedom of the motorway brought us to the Catici mine at Kakanj in search of two dinosaurs from the steam age. The mine at Catici is home to two operational USA tanks: 62-020 and 62-366. The pedigree of 62-020 was particularly impressive, being the last working USA tank built in the states (at the Davenport factory).

It has to be said that the welcome we received from the crew here created a wonderful atmosphere in which to wander round taking photographs. Not even a downpour at midday could extinguish that.

62 020 at Catici

62 020 at Catici

In the evening I took part in my first night shoot and was rather surprised to find how much I enjoyed the experience, experimenting with the settings and trying to refine the shots I was taking. I had no idea that taking photographs of a stationary locomotive could be so much fun. Nevertheless I have a long way to go to match the inspiring photos I saw from other members of the group.

As the shoot drew to a close the heavens opened. It seems luck was on our side and surely that has to be a good omen for this tour!

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