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Posted in Eastbourne, England by folkestonejack on August 14, 2010

After a week stuck in an office I felt the need for some rolling countryside and fresh air. I began planning early on for an escape to the South Downs…

Through the week the forecasts seemed to get ever bleaker, with the final forecast predicting a morning of heavy rain, followed by light showers and then possibly clearing towards late afternoon (all with a cloudy outlook). It should have been enough to deter me but I just felt the need for fresh air and a view overcome whatever common sense I had left!

On the train down to Eastbourne there were plenty signs of the wet weather and no shortage of dark clouds but my destination seemed to have been spared so far. Incredibly that was how it remained – quickly turning to blue skies and sun, warm with just the lightest breeze. How different to the forecast!

I took a walk out towards the South Downs and after a bit of wandering returned to a spot on the hillside overlooking the town near Holywell. I relaxed on the grass and watched the afternoon’s air show from a great vantage point (along with many others who had the same idea). Admittedly the fresh air that I’d been hungering for was somewhat diluted with the smell of aviation fuel, but I could live with that! It was definetly worth making the effort to get out of the city and the airshow was incredibly impressive – especially the Belgian F16, Typhoon and Vampire. An unexpectedly good day – the perfect antidote to a week in the office!

The red arrows display at Eastbourne on 14th August 2010

The red arrows display at Eastbourne on 14th August 2010