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All change in Bermondsey

Posted in England, London by folkestonejack on June 19, 2015

The urban landscape that surrounds my daily journey into London Bridge has changed very slowly over the years. However, this week my commute has presented change at startling speed with the demolition of two Victorian railway viaducts in Bermondsey (adjacent to the SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility at New Cross Gate).

One of the part-demolished viaducts on 19th June 2015

One of the part-demolished viaducts on 19th June 2015

Work on the dismantling of the brick viaducts progressed at such an impressive rate that stretches of partially demolished viaduct that you could see on the morning commute had entirely disappeared by the time of the return leg in the evening!

The partial demolition of the two viaducts is part of a £60m project to build the Bermondsey dive-under, which is intended to reduce the disruption from trains crossing lines on the approach to London Bridge (trains that would once have crossed lines will eventually be able to dive under them instead).

You can read more about the demolition in the Network Rail new release Sparks fly as Bermondsey demolition brings Thameslink improvements one step closer.

Gallery (updated 15th July 2015)

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